“Do your own research” isn’t helping

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an exercise in futility when it comes to sharing information. As I was working through my communications degree a few years ago, there was something in one of my course readings that actually stopped me in my tracks. It was related to Google search results and it stated that Google … Continue reading “Do your own research” isn’t helping


Inclusion matters (professionally and personally)

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a professional development session hosted by IABC London. The session, titled "Diversity & Inclusion: Journey Beyond Demographics", brought together three local leaders who are not only experts in the topic, but each have their own experiences with feeling excluded in our community. It was one of the … Continue reading Inclusion matters (professionally and personally)

That time I got to be the donor

Ever since I joined the nonprofit profession in 2006, I've been the fundraiser. Although I've worked in a variety of roles in fundraising (spanning administrative support, donor relations, communications, major gift officer, finder of logs and straw), they've all been focused squarely on the donors I'm fortunate enough to work with (yeah...logs and straw). I … Continue reading That time I got to be the donor

Does drinking water while pregnant make your kids stupid?

Yes...yes it does. At least, that's what you can infer by reading an article published recently by CTV News under the headline "Higher levels of fluoride in urine linked to lower IQ scores in children". I'm going to back up for a second and explain why I'm writing this. I'm continuing to work on my … Continue reading Does drinking water while pregnant make your kids stupid?